Euryome Rhade
Vital statistics
Title Superior Knight
Gender Male
Race Palantian
Faction Kingdom of Palatinus/Central Division
Health Varies
Level 14 & 16
Status Unknown
Location Mylesia 2
Mount Ithaca

Sir Rhade, the brash, rude, and merciless knight of Palatinus.Willing to do anything for power, he fights for only himself.During the 2nd mission he kills a man merely trying to escape a botched plan. Later, after being put in his place by a captive, well mentally put in his place anyway, he kicks the man in the gut several times before being stopped by Saradin's paralysis spell. Rhade considers himself superior to all but Lodis. He does anything to gain their graces, including disobeying his own prince.Rhade is killed at Mount Ithaca by Magnus and his crew,

Note: If Dio left your party, At the beginning of Scene 16 Rhade will swear revenge on the Revolution. Dio will show up killing Rhade saying he will take his place.